Anniversary Date Ideas | How to Style a Luxury Picnic Date

If you’re looking for the perfect Anniversary Date you’ve come to the right place! What could be more romantic than a gourmet picnic in a beautiful location with your significant other? Whether your partner feels at peace on the beach or loves breathtaking mountain views, we can help you create a magical setting to celebrate your special day! Let us take you through the preparation and execution of a Luxurious Gourmet Picnic Date!

Alleviating the Planning Stress

Planning your Anniversary can be time consuming and stressful when you want to create the perfect moment. Firstly, create the vision of your partner’s dream date in your mind before brainstorming everything needed to prepare this special day! We recommend planning early before your Anniversary so you have lots of time to gather decorations and food for your Picnic Date! If you’re overwhelmed, that’s ok! At By Ballinger we make the event planning and styling that much easier by helping that vision in your mind come to life. We can assist every step of the way. Be that a sunset dinner on the beach, hearing the crash of the waves, or a breakfast picnic in the peaceful countryside surrounded by beautiful birdsong. We can help you style the perfect Anniversary Date for you and your partner! 

Choosing the Location for your Anniversary Date

Where does your heart feel free and happy? Are you picturing woodlands, bees, birds and maybe even the occasional rabbit or deer? Or do you feel closest to nature next to the wide ocean, looking out onto the horizon? Choosing the perfect location for your Anniversary Date can be really difficult. We recommend somewhere that you and your partner feel comfortable, somewhere with a little flat ground and perhaps an element of shelter. 

The Ideas:

A few ideas we have are, woodlands, a pier or dock by the sea, estate gardens, the beach, your local park or lake. If you’re a little more adventurous you can make a road trip out of it and explore a new area and then have your Anniversary Date Picnic! You can even set up the picnic in the back of your pickup truck, that way you don’t even need to worry about the ground being wet! If you’re stuck for time or ideas, your back garden or living room can serve as great picnic spots too! You just need a little imagination!

Need some help?

Great news…we can set up your luxury picnic Anniversary Date in a location of your choice. From your home or back garden, to the edge of the forest, we can create the Pinterest Perfect Picnic Date for you and your partner. Let us paint the picture that you have in your mind! If you are worried about the typical Irish weather changing up on you, we can set up a magical date with flowers and candles in the comfort of your own living room! A picnic on the floor, in your warm house, playing your partner’s favourite music? They will be ecstatic! At By Ballinger we can create a luxurious romantic date, anywhere you want, all you need to do is surprise your date! Check out the details here!

The Aesthetics for your Anniversary Date Picnic

Making the picnic setting look inviting for your Anniversary Date can be tricky. From the picnic blanket to lanterns and flower arrangements, there are so many wonderful little touches you can add to the picnic setting to create a memorable Anniversary! We have a few tips that will make this process a lot easier.

Step 1: Picnic Blanket

Firstly, you need to have a large picnic blanket! This is where you’re going to be sitting and eating so make sure it’s comfortable. If it has rained recently it’s great to bring a ground mat (yes like the camping ones!) to cover the ground first and then put the picnic blanket on top! This will make sure you and your food don’t get damp from the wet ground. 

Some simple and easy carry options to create a little height or table is to pop a cloth over the cool box or get yourself a breakfast tray. A handy space to keep wine glasses off uneven ground. 

Picnic blanket on the grass with flowers and strawberries for an Anniversary Date set up

Step 2: Make it Cosy

Next, grab a few items that will make the area cosy! Snuggly blankets and cushions or even some furry rugs can make the setting warm and welcoming! You can also pick a colour scheme to go with, if its Valentine’s pinks and reds, their favourite colour, naturals, boho style – jazz up your picnic with a theme! If your feeling creative you could carry the colour scheme throughout the food too! 

Step 3: Decorations

We can add lights and flowers to make your Anniversary Date even more beautiful! Adding life to your Picnic in the form of flower arrangements in little jam jars goes a long way! You can also add other decorations like lanterns and candle sticks! These can be fake lights too if you’re worried about them falling over. If you and your partner are music lovers, what better way to add music than bringing a speaker or even your record player! Losing yourselves in the moment to your favourite music is the perfect way to celebrate your Anniversary Date! 

The Food for your Anniversary Date Picnic

The MOST important question…what about the food? We have lots of ideas for you! The good news about picnics is you can have them at any time of the day and eat any type of food. Whether you love brunch or you’re a crackers and cheese couple, anything goes!

The Breakfast Picnic

Fresh croissants, scones and muffins from Dún Bakery, berry skewers and mimosas! What could be better than a picnic brunch for your Anniversary Date? You can add condiments such as butter, jam, marmalade and Nutella! Get your partner’s favourite tea or coffee from the local cafe and bring some fresh orange juice and champagne to celebrate each other with a yummy mimosa! 

Picky Bits

Remember during summer when your parents didn’t want to cook a full meal for dinner so you’d have picky bits? The best picnics are full of lots of snacks and yummy treats! Check out Lismore Food Company for gourmet nibbles! You can include veggie platters, punnets of cherries and strawberries, breadsticks and crisps with dips, salami and other meats, and so much more! Check out The Brunch Box for yummy graze boxes, ideal for a picnic date! You can also include a charcuterie board! Add a wonderful white wine and you’ve got yourself a delicious, luxury picnic! We are happy to help you come up with your menu for your Anniversary Date Picnic and provide you with all of the food! 

Picky bits for an Anniversary Date picnic including meats, cheeses, crackers and nuts

The Classic Anniversary Date Picnic

Homemade sandwiches and salads are the most classic picnic route to take. We can also make these for you! Smoked salmon sandwiches and chicken sliders are delicious choices for a luxury picnic date. Something like garlic bread with cheese and cherry tomatoes is also a fun choice! You can add a few salad choices like, a crab salad and a tomato, cucumber and red onion salad. Maybe try your hand at creating an exotic fruit salad with dragon fruit or papaya! You can check out some perfect recipes on Eatwell101! Don’t forget the lemonade and ice tea and you’ve got yourself a delicious picnic that can be brought anywhere!

Make it Even Easier – Takeout Picnic Edition

Not a great chef? That’s ok! You can make the Anniversary Date even easier by getting takeout for your picnic! You can get pizzas and garlic bread, burgers or fish and chips or even sushi. Choose your partner’s favourite takeout and surprise them with an elegant set up and their favourite foods. You can also grab some cold ciders to celebrate your anniversary together!

Crockery and Cutlery

We provide all of the crockery, cutlery, glassware, and napkins with our Picnic Baskets. Using china plates and glasses instead of plastic will make your picnic Anniversary Date feel more sophisticated! A picnic must have a bottle opener! We will provide everything from the cutlery to the food on your personalised menu that we create together when you book a Gourmet Picnic Package at By Ballinger! 

Activities to Pair with your Anniversary Date Picnic

Picnics are amazing but what about doing an activity together first before having your refreshments picnic style? No matter where you choose to have your Anniversary Date Picnic, there are many activities you can do!

Outdoor Activities

If you’re by the sea or a lake how about trying out paddle boarding or kayaking? Are you water lovers? You can even have your picnic on a boat! Not near the water? You can go for a bike ride through your local park or go for a walk around an estate’s gardens! A hike through the mountains will definitely leave you hungry for your delicious picnic! We recommend The Greenway for cycling in Waterford and you can check out My Hot Spot Sauna Pod at the beach in Youghal, Co.Cork.  

Indoor Activities for your Anniversary Date

Going the pickup truck or back of the car root? Why not go to a drive-in movie theater and watch a film while you have your picnic! You could also set up a projector in your back garden and watch a film using the wall of your house as the backdrop! The Bounce Box can set up home movies, perfect for your Anniversary Date Picnic! Don’t worry, we know you might be tired after a long week! No matter if you’re inside or outside, you and your partner can enjoy some card games, board games, or dance along to your favourite music!

A luxury picnic for your Anniversary Date to celebrate your special day with your partner, what could be better? It will be a memorable date you’ll cherish forever! We can help you every step of the way. From planning and choosing a location, to preparing all of the delicious food and drinks! All you need to do is surprise your date! Check out the details here!

Ready to dive in? Send us a message and let’s get planning your Anniversary Date! 

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